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Anne Marieke

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sleeping Beauty

No, not the fairytale, not even a fairy tail, but our kitten Luna. She was born mid-April 2009 and came to live with us at the beginning of August. Her full name is Luna Llena, meaning 'full moon' in Spanish. She is a British Shorthair, Black Silver Shaded.

Sometimes she looks like an artic fox when she's sleeping with her little tail wrapped all around her.

On the stitching front, I'm working on Tail Feathers (Cinderberry Stitches) part 6. This the mini-block with the applique robin:

and Le Jardin (Bunny Hill Designs) part 2. Not much to show for that one yet.


Ineke said...

Luna is a real beauty! And so adorable! It seems all cats prefer to lay on their back at least part of the day.

Michele said...

Luna is a beauty! And she still looks so small!

Isabelle said...

Your Luna llena is absolutely cute and so small :-))she seems to be so confortable in your home !!
Have a great day,

Annemarie said...

Awww do you think Luna would like to play with P&P? She sems a little quiet but I know those looks can be verrrry deceiving :o) Beautiful!

As is your wee robin. My goodness your stitching is so neat! No wonder you're a wizard with the Chatelaines as well!

Giovanna said...

Awwww, look at the lovely princess - she's adorable! So is your new robin, so cute!

Isabelle said...

Did you know that " Luna Llena " was a beautiful poem from Garcia Lorca ?? it is a pretty name :-))

Anne Marieke said...

No, Isa, I didn't. I will go and Google it.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on our little princess (and my robin).

Annemarie, you bet looks can be deceiving. She's a very active little cat, who loves to play with other cats, even our rather sneaky tomcat Elvis!

And yes, she is a very dainty and small pussycat!

Isabelle said...

Anne-marieke, it is a poem which talks about the Gypsies : for me, it is a very sorrow poem ...but a group of spanish singers " Mecano" made with it a beautiful sing .

Isabelle said...

Hi, Anne-Marieke , I put below the link in order you can hear this so beautiful sing


Please, let me know if you like it ???

Anne Marieke said...

Hi Isa, thanks for the link. I certainly know Mecano and also 'Hijo de la Luna'. I thought it meant 'Son of the Moon'?

I have always loved this song. It is beautiful!

Isabelle said...

Yes Anne-Marieke, you are totally right : "Hijo de la Luna " does mean "Son of the moon" but " la Luna llena " is a very important moment in the story :-))
Have a nice week-end,