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Anne Marieke

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Frogging, Painting, Shopping & Bird Watching

After much consideration, I decided to change the applique technique I was using for Le Jardin by Bunny Hill Designs.

I started off the first two blocks using needleturn applique, but this really isn't for me, so I started block #6 (the most recent one) using fusable applique and blanket stitching and this is much more to my liking :o) In the mean time I'm frogging blocks #1 and #2, and replacing the pieces with fused bits of fabric.

So here are some sneak previews of the newest block, which is rather huge!
My apologies for the creases and Luna's hair which snuck into the dove piccie.

I also worked on Tail Feathers Quilt: block #9 and the corner robins. No piccies yet...

Last week I had some more painting tuition and I painted this landscape:

Tranquil Loch, 18-05-2010
The day before the tuition, I painted my 'homework: a rocky shore, using mixed media:

Rocky Beach, 17-05-2010
I always travel to the town where the studio is by train and always get picked up and dropped off at the station by the artist or her husband (how's that for service!). Last Tuesday the kind people couldn't drop me off, so I walked to the station and on the way discovered no fewer than three stitching-related shops!
At the first shop, which was a tiny quilting and patchwork shop called Liselotje, I found a pattern which I had been searching for for a while. It is called In My Folkart Garden and it is by Marianne Byrne Goarin of Cinnamon Patch:

I'm planning to use the gorgeous pink wool felts which Michele sent me for my birthday (see earlier post).
I also bought one of Marianne's other books called Cinnamon Inspirations. Gorgeous!
The two other shops were pretty good too, and I 'found' these pretty buttons...

... and a skein of DMC variegated thread for Tail Feathers Quilt.
And just to keep the cat lovers happy: this morning I caught three of our four kitties bird watching:

To show you how tiny Luna is compared to the two boys Elvis (black) and Kruimel (tabby), here is a view from above:

Thought you deserved a nice long entry with lots of piccies, since I have been very quiet recently, working on lots of different projects.


Giovanna said...

Your quilting and watercolours are so beautiful, Anne Marieke! And I love those buttons which you found. Great pictures of the cats - clearly their idea of the purpose of "bird-watching" is different from ours, lol.

Michele said...

Lots of great updates, Anne Marieke. You are so great at buttonhole stitching - your block is looking nice, as always. :) Your paintings look wonderful! I, too, love the buttons. Luna's fur looks like a mink coat - so beautiful! All of them look like they are quite intense!

Ineke said...

You must have a lot of courage to change the appliqué technique of two blocks. And patience! The parts you showed are lovely.
The bird-watchers are very adorable, on this side of the window from the bird's point of view.