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Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Reason For My Silence

Warning: if you're squeemish, do NOT scroll down ;o)

Sorry for having ignored you. The reason is that I was in hospital to have my gall bladder removed.

Below you'll see the 'harvest'. They are not even all there, some of them got lost in the process.
Small wonder that I have been feeling rather nauseous recently.....

The operation was done on Tuesday afternoon via laparascopy, which means I now have four 'holes' in my tummy, two larger ones and two smaller ones which resemble crosses (very apt, eh?).

I came home on Thursday afternoon, a day later than planned, because after the first evening after the operation when I felt just fine, I went downhill rapidly the following day. On Thursday afternoon I finally felt well enough to go home.

All this means that my poor little Henrietta Whiskers is still not completed, but I'm getting there! Sitting up for too long to stitch makes the incisions feel really sore, so I just have to give in an lie down.

Other than that, I feel reborn. No more nausea, a lot more energy, even only a few days after the operation. YAY!


Michele said...

OMG! That is a lot of stones!!
So glad you are feeling better so quickly! :)

Nancy M said...

I guess I didn't know you could get that many stones! Glad you are not suffering anymore and on the mend.

Unknown said...

Dat zijn er echt veel,pas op je zelf en henrietta zien we wel verschijnen.

Groetjes Yvon.

Giovanna said...

Ouch, that's enough to weigh you down on one side! Glad you're feeling better, but do take care of yourself - I had laparoscopy myself a few years ago, and I discovered at my expense that the cuts may be tiny, but they still need to heal properly before you can get back to a hectic normal life.

Gabi said...

You're a stone maker extraordinaire!!! That must have been SO painful. Glad that you got them all removed and feel better now.
Showed it to my husband and he is totally amazed too. How long have you been in pain? That must have been taken quite a while to build up.
And I agree totally with Gio. You better take well care of yourself now.

Beaupippin said...

OMG that's a hell of a lot of stones!. So pleased they are out of you now and you are on the road to recovery. {{Hugs}}