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Thursday, 18 August 2011

WOW: Wips on Wednesdays

Well, it is Thursday here in Holland, but I'm hoping to crawl under the fence of Esther's WOW

My first WIP this week is Flowers for Me, block 4 of Heart's Desire:

And we have one big 'flower for me' all done:

Lots of puzzling went on for Henrietta Whiskers' layout, but I think I have got it now, so I started piecing some of the backgrounds of the last four blocks last night. I did sneak in some minor changes this morning ;o)

The last block is still empty, as it will be revealed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs on September 5th. I'm hoping to get the quilt top done for 9th September when I will be doing an applique demonstration at the annual show of the quilting guild in Holland. My main project there will be Heart's Desire, but I would love to show the ladies this quilt top.


I also managed a small start on Herbularius, after a lot of dithering about fabrics. At last, I *think* I have settled for a 32-count Murano in the shade Ivory, which looks more like a tea dye than an ivory compared to the ivory jobelan I was planning to use. Guess I could have used the tea dye jobelan I did last week after all ;o)

I do like how the Copper Petite Treasure Braid metallic and the Chocolat Gloriana looks on this fabric.

Yesterday Jacqueline and I chose the fabrics which will be used for the applique course I will teach at the beginning of October:

Lots of gorgeous batiks! I'm hoping to get the example block done by the end of next week. I hope the ladies who take the class will love these fabrics and the chosen project too.

Thanks for all your lovely comments. They are so inspiring. And I love to click on your names and visit your blogs for even more inspiration.


Glenda said...

Wonderful wonderful work!!!!! I was beginning to think you were not going to post & was so disappointed. Now which do I comment on first, everything is sooooo interesting. Love how your Heart’s Desire is coming together, your flowers are so soft in colour & then you have added those pungent maroon circles Wow. Henrietta Whiskers' has come together so quickly wonderful colours here too. Herbularius is going to be stunning like your other pieces. Finally those gorgeous batiks! Thanks for sharing. Cheers Glenda

Bunny said...

Your block looks great and I love your other quilt blocks too. The Herbularius is just going to me spectacular I don't think I would ever attempt such a piece. Looking forward to seeing you work on this.

Isabelle said...

Ton bloc est très joli , quant à ton top : il est vraiment très sympa !!
Joyeuses xxx sur ton herbularius de Martina.......chez moi, les xxx se font de plus en plus rares...!!!
Tu vas te régaler à faire de l'appliqué :-))
Très belle journée,

Sarah said...

I'm so happy to see a start on Herbularius! I haven't gotten all my supplies yet, so I'll be watching your blog to see part one grow!

Pat S said...

Your work is spectacular. I love visiting your blog!

Joysze said...

The quilts look great, as they always do, Anne Marieke. :D

Oooooh, yours is the first Herb start I've seen. I can't wait to see more!! :D

Esther Aliu said...

Where do I start??? It all looks so great. I love your HD blocks more and more each time I see them, and your Batiks have got me interested too. You have been busy!

Giovanna said...

Lovely work on all fronts! It's just great to see your start on Herbularius.