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Anne Marieke

Monday, 12 December 2011

Berries and Bluebirds parts 1 and 2

I never got back to you last week, did I. It took me forever to complete block 2 of Berries and Bluebirds by Gail Pan. I finally got it finished yesterday evening and I joined the two blocks this evening. Coincidentally, I received word that part 3 is on its way to me from Australia.

Lots of dithering is going on, trying to deciding whether to join in with the Building Houses From Scraps project. It took me all evening on Saturday to get the pieces ready and to piece the sky, the chimneys and the roof, and I would need to piece a complete house every day of 2012.

The houses are tiny, one completed block is 3" x 3".

Guess who is helping me to decide?

Thanks for all your lovely comments!


Rennie said...

Veel succes met het maken van je keuze!

Joysze said...

Quilt is looking great, Anne Marieke, and awww, what a fantastic pose from Kruimel. :D

Unknown said...

De blokken zien er prachtig uit!
Ik hoop dat Kruimel je heeft kunnen helpen, volgens mij is hij blij met alle stofjes om hem heen.

Groetjes Yvon.

Giovanna said...

Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! I love how you work dragonflies in it. And Kruimel is as seducing as ever :-)

Susan said...

Beautiful - love the colors. That you can keep up with these quilts is amazing, but a complete house every day? WOW!

Lynette said...

He's so pretty :) Love your Berries and Bluebirds.

carina said...

Leuk je quilt vind hem helemaal te gek. Keuzes aken is altijd lastig groet carins

Jennifer M. said...

I am so loving this quilt. I love the bluebirds. It is so springy and pretty. Just love it! :D


Jennifer M. said...

BTW your kitty is a cutie too!


Gail said...

Thanks for making my quilt! It is looking fantastic! Merry Christmas!