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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Trying So Hard To Be Good

Our furry boy is trying so hard to be good and not touch the pompom on this snowman's hat.

I'm trying to get Snowbound assembled before Christmas (yeah, well I can only try...) and Kruimel loves it!

Can you see the cheeky look on his face? If you notice a nasty scratch on his nose when you click on this picture, it wasn't a stitching accident, honestly! He was somewhat in the wars with his 'friend' Elvis, who doesn't appreciate his cuddly nature. Elvis was dumped and found in the street when he was only a tiny kitten and he never really got to grips with normal social cat behaviour. Kruimel having been born in the safe and good care of his breeders and his mum, is a very social cat who is very affectionate towards Elvis and Luna.

Not much else I can show you, because the other project I'm working on is a Christmas present for my Mum and the project I worked on last week was a present for my friend. It is now winging its way over the big pond. I promise I will show them all once the recipients have seen them. I did take pictures!

In the mean time we're racking our brains to come up with the perfect solution for some Christmas decorations that Kruimel cannot break or eat. Last year when we put our Christmas tree up, he straight away started to chew the lights and there were tiny pieces of glass everywhere (probably also in his gut) so we took the Christmas tree down asap.

You can imagine that I just had to smile when I read that his little niece Poeka (Kruimel's sister Kira's daughter) proceeded to do the exact same thing when her new mum and dad tried to get the Christmas tree up. Needless to say, they have had to take it down again. Honestly, that picture could have been our furry boy exactly one year ago. Here is his picture:

We never got past this stage of the tree (no baubles or other decorations and certainly no garlands!)

He just seemed to have claimed the tree as his property, becoming the Tree Master for several days. The lovely tree skirt was made by my Mum, by the way.

And our little girl was our biggest present of the year 2009, and here she is posing with last year's presents.


Unknown said...

Wat een prachtige foto's, bij mijn broer loopt ook een kater in de rondte die de boomwel erg mooi vindt.
Gelukkig laat hij wel alles in de boom hangen.
Succes met je afwerk projecten.

Groetjes Yvon.

Mel said...

Awh, so cute.
Too bad he destroys the tree... I have no suggestions, as I have no animals.
Good luck!

Erna said...

Wat kunnen je katten toch heerlijk eigenwijs kijken en liggen...
P.s. het kleed is prachtig

Giovanna said...

I love the cat pictures! But I don't envy your decorations quandary :-)
Good luck with the quilt assembly!

Rennie said...

Wat een heerlijke poesverhalen. Ik smul er van. Geniet van de dagen!