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Monday, 24 October 2011

The Flower & The Cat

Still no stitchy picture, I'm afraid, but I AM stitching and still focusing on Tail Feathers Quilt. I have pulled apart block 1, because I'm happy to report my piecing has improved a lot since I started two years ago.

Last week this is what I saw on and behind my living room window. Pity about the dead earwig, but that's nature for you!

By now you are probably bored out of your mind with pictures of Kruimel, but here are a few more, just to show you what a nuisance he is when I'm trying to stitch:

Here he has squeezed himself between me and my stitching and the daylight lamp:
When that doesn't help, je starts fetching so I will throw his favourite toy for him: for the Dutch amongst you, a Beesie from AH:

And this is only a few seconds after I threw it away for him:

What a cutie, eh?

Lots of stash buying has been going on here. There is just so much around at the moment that is beautiful! The biggest buy was an order for ALL the Black Bird Designs quilt books. The result was lots of inspiration, the main one being Home Sweet Home. Can you imagine my thoughts going to my stash, thinking of what I could use to applique those wonderful blocks and even more wonderful border? All that whilst I'm trying to get some progress done on Tail Feathers Quilt.

I promise I will not show myself here again before I have a progress picture or two to share :o)

Thanks for all your lovely comments!


Joysze said...

Love pics of Kruimel. He's cute and he knows it, LOL!!!

Love the flowers too... how beautiful and delicate. :)

Unknown said...

leuke foto's van Kruimel, hij kan lekker genieten van de warmte die van de daglichtlamp komt.

Ik ben zeer nieuwsgierig naar je nieuwe verzameling van stofjes en hoop ze snel te zien.

Groetjes Yvon.

Mad about Craft said...

A very cute cat!

Susan said...

Cute cat pictures are almost as good as stitchy pictures (and he is a cutie!)

Giovanna said...

Definitely a cutie! :-)