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Anne Marieke

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tail Feathers & Herbularius

Thanks for all your lovely comments, and welcome to my new follower.

Yesterday I thought I had better be good and pull out an UFO and work on it with the aim to get it finished in the near future :o)

This is Tail Feathers Quilt by Nathalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches. The very quilt which got me into patchwork, stitchery and applique exactly two years ago.

This is a snap of the quilt which I took this afternoon, after I had pieced rows of three blocks each. I discovered that I haven't actually finished the stitchery on the last block. I still have the tree to stitch and the borders to add to that mini-block, and also to piece all the little squares which come with each block.

Once that is done, I need to make 24 logcabin blocks, using these strips which come from two honeybuns.

I'm not sure whether to just stitch them up in random order, or whether to find some sort of order to place them in, so making four the same for instance, one for each side. Given that there are six of them on each side, there is no middle block to start with, and make two the same on each side. Doing random placement is not really my forte. I like things to be relatively symmetrical :o)

Once I had pulled this project out of my enormous pile of WIPs, Kruimel thought this was very amusing, and he started to lend me a paw.

No wonder I didn't manage to make any progress on this quilt for ages and ages! Although he has calmed down a lot over the past months (so much so that we got worried that there was something the matter with him) he is still very interested in this one, for some reason.

Once I heard from Ineke that two of our stitching friends are so kind to send us a lenght of their Eterna floss, I worked some more on Herbularius. This is the most time-consuming Chatelaine I have ever stitched. It is going very slowly, but what a lovely design this is. I'm looking forward to stitching part 3, which includes some plants and arches. But I still have quite a lot of work to do before I start part 3. These borders need to be filled in and there are golden scrolls with half cross stitches and beads to go around them before part 3 starts.

A big thank you to Abi and Joyce, for sending us some of their floss!

Kruimel has gone outside in the cat enclosure, so I had better get to work on my little birdies!

If you are all still here, thanks for having a look and reading what I'm up to at the moment.


Lynette said...

Oh, I love this project!! What a fabulous WIP.

Susan said...

You've only been doing patchwork for two years?! I never would have guessed, your work is amazing. "Tail Feathers" is really cute. I would do random log cabins, but I can deal with a bit of mess. So glad you were able to get the Eterna. Herbularius is coming along wonderfully. The stitching does look intense, but so beautiful.

Gabriella said...


I love your cute "Tail Feathers" ... me too I have started this project and I'm going to continue with it.
As soon as possible I'll make photos of the 3 blocks I have just finished.

Happy stitching ^__*

Giovanna said...

Beautiful work on both fronts! Glad you could find the thread you needed.

Michele said...

Your Tail Feathers is looking wonderful! Looks like Kruimel approves, too! Good luck with your log cabin blocks.

Joysze said...

Love Tail Feathers, Anne Marieke. The birdies are DARLING!!!!! :D

Kruimel.... LOL, he's too cute!!

I hope the Eterna gets to you soon. Herb looks fantastic. :D

Caz said...

Love reading that "Tail Feathers" was the pattern that got you into stitchery, patchwork. As this was the same one that got me.

Mine is a bit further along, but I absolutely love it. Have a look at my blog to see my progress.




Chris said...

Wonderful quilt and Chatelaine, I am in awe of both... well done