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Monday, 3 October 2011

Herbularius problem

As you saw in my previous post, Ineke very kindly sent me half of her skein of Eterna Silks mini twist 4220 which she got in her kit from ECC, so we could both use this thread in part 1 and 2. In ordered another skein from ECC with the plan to share this one with Ineke. A stitching friends plan with no problems we assumed, and we happily used the half skein of Eterna we both had. We thought Cindy would ship within some weeks because it was on backorder. But Cindy told us last week there are severe problems with the Eterna backorders: 'We might not ever get the Eterna'. I also ordered a skein from Thread Express, who hasn't shipped nor acknowledged my order, and hasn't answered to an email I sent to enquire about the Eterna.

So now we do hope some of our fellow Herbularius stitchers will be so kind to send a little part of their skein to us so we can both finish part 2 with the Eterna. We dare to ask because Martina writes 'approximate usage 0.55 skein' and therefore there will be plenty left over from a whole skein. We would be very happy with some 25 centimeter lengths. And do hope some kind stitchers will help us. We are, of course, very willing to refund the postage via PayPal.

PS: Martina has revealed today that the Eterna 4220 is only used in parts 1 and 2 of Herbularius. Hope this helps! :o)

Since it has been a little while that I showed you pictures of our furry friends, here are a few I took over the past days:

We got rid of the 'telescopic' scratching pole which kept going crooked, and bought our sweeties a scratching castle. As you can see, Kruimel and Luna love it!

Luna has taken up residence in the tower. She loves to have a snooze there.

Thankfully our very shy little girl Minty has also accepted this alternative as her scratching place. She doesn't like changes very much.

This is how I found Luna and Kruimel on our bed yesterday afternoon. In this picture you can see the enormous size difference between them.

Luna was being her adorable little self. Aren't they sweet when they are asleep.

As you noticed by my lack of posting updates, I haven't had much time to stitch over the past two weeks. There was lots of translation work and this took up most of my time.

We also re-landscaped our garden - well Marcel did mostly, with some advice from me ;o) - and it is now nearly ready. Marcel took the month of September off to do this big job. We usually spend three weeks in Ibiza at this time of year, but instead we stayed home and he spent his holidays working on this big project.

Once it is all neat and tidy and finished, I will show you pictures of how it looks now. Much tidier and bigger too, because we bought the piece of land adjoining our garden from our local council several years ago, and finally got a permit to move our fence 1m80 outward. Our garden grew by approx. 20 square metres! Totally worth the trouble and the money spent on erecting new fencing and landscaping the whole garden.

Hoping to show you some more stitchy pictures next time!


Giovanna said...

I hope you manage to find your thread - what rotten luck!
Of course Luna likes the tower: she's a princess, isn't she? Look forward to seeing pics of your garden - the weather's been kind to you this past month, I hear, thank goodness for that.

Susan said...

I had the same thought Giovanna did about Luna and the tower. They're both beautiful cats. Glad Minty has decided this new addition is acceptable. I'm not sure how mine would react to that much play space.

Joysze said...

I love your cats, Anne Marieke. I'm horribly allergic to them, so I can't have any, but I love seeing pics of them. Luna is just GORGEOUS!!!!

Your Herb is looking great!!! :D I'm sending 4220 to Ineke. Yours will be in there as well. :)

Anne Marieke said...

Thank you ever so much, Joysze! You're too kind. We will refund your postage, as promised.

You are a great help. I felt so guilty when I could not replace Ineke's half skein.

Rennie said...

Wat een leuke foto's weer!