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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Snowbound: Another One

Another one done! This is the snowlady and lamb for October for the Snowbound BOM. Another very cute block and so much fun to stitch. So for the moment I'm caught up, except for the piecing of the whole quilt, which will be different from the design.
This is a freebie by Bunny Hill Designs. I'm SO hoping that Anne Sutton will do another one next year.
Thanks for your lovely comments.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Catching Up

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Quilt Shoppe.

Today I worked on Snowbound, the little fellow in his cart for August:

That still leaves the snowlady and sheep for October to do, and all the piecing up to now. It will be different from what Anne Sutton has come up with. More later.

When we were in Ibiza I visited a small shop called a merceria (haberdashery shop) and found these cute buttons, which will be added to my stash.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Quilt Shoppe & Lots of Cats

The stitching is done on this cute project by Lynette Anderson. The finishing still needs to be done, using the fabrics shown on the right. But this will have to keep for another day, because it is already 10.30 here.

Elvis was in a rather pensive mood this afternoon. It made me want to know what he was thinking. Not that he would tell me...

At the same time Luna was sunbathing. We had some lovely sunshine this afternoon.

I cannot believe how much she resembles her Daddy, a beautiful tomcat called Hobbes:

Image copyright Cattery Het Blauwe Mandje

Now I have to decide what to work on next, from the long list of WIPs I have going on.
Thanks for your lovely comments.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Garden & The Ort Master is at it Again!

Back home again after a lovely holiday in Ibiza, and time to show you what I've been up to:

My Garden # 2 - Birdhouses
I completed this this evening. It just needed the wing and the button attaching.

And here is a detail of the stitchery:

I worked on My Garden # 3 - Herb Pots this afternoon, after having started it in Ibiza.

They both still need the Courthouse Steps strips selecting and attaching.
And look what arrived in the post whilst I was away:
My Garden # 4 - The Birdbath. Another pretty button and pattern.

The fabrics in the backgrounds of the images are those used for the Courthouse Steps.
And now that I'm stitching at home again, the Ort Master is happy again, shown here chewing the little tin I keep my sharp items in, safe from him....

....and being in charge of the orts and ends bowl.

His holiday is finished too! Back to work, Ort Master! :o)
Thanks for your lovely comments.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sneak Previes & More Sunsets

This is a sneak preview of the project I've been working on since our arrival in Ibiza: The Quilt Shoppe by Lynette Anderson:

See my previous post to see the whole project, and the fabric I'm planning to use for the finishing.

Last night I needed a change after two weeks on the above project and I started block 2 of My Garden, also by Lynette Anderson. This block is called Birdhouses:

These blocks consist of tiny kits with buttons, and they come with a free stitchery pattern. There is also a tiny bit of applique involved. So much fun to stitch!

We're not entirely without cats these weeks (we have four at home, for those who haven't 'met' them yet). This is one of the two resident cats in our holiday home; a cross-eyed fellow called Mikey:

And of course I just have to show you some more Ibicenco sunsets. The first one was last night's. The sky looked like it was on fire, truly amazing:

And this more subtle version of a sunset was this evening's; you can see the mainland of Spain (Denia area) in the background:

Thanks for your lovely comments.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Ibiza Sunsets

Sorry for the silence!

It could have something to do with these two sunsets. The first was taken two evenings ago, in a little Spanish village called San Carlos. It looked like the sky was on fire, absolutely amazing.

Moments like these, you can but admire Mother Nature.

This view is the one from 'our' holiday home. This was last night around 8 pm. Another dazzling sunset, and it just got more and more beautiful.

The big rock is called Es Vedra, and it is situated just off the south-west coast of the island of Ibiza, where we are currently staying.
No pictures of stitching - as yet - though a few projects accompanied me on this journey. I'm working on The Quilt Shoppe, by Lynette Anderson. A few weeks back I showed you the kit and the fabric which I'm planning to use for the finishing.
My skein of DMC3012 had gone into hiding just before I left home and Ineke was kind enough to post a new skein out to me here in Spain. It arrived today (yay!), so now I can complete some bits of this cute project. I promise to take some close-ups soon.
And for those cat lovers among you: don't worry, our little sweeties are not lonely and hungry. My Mum and Dad are staying in our home, looking after their four grandcats. You wouldn't believe the tricks they play on my Mum! Pretending to be very hungry at 6.30 in the morning! ;o) "Honestly Granny, our Mummy ALWAYS feeds us at this time of day!" ;o) ;o)