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Friday, 25 February 2011

My Lego Motorcyle

That title is strange, right? Let me explain. I promise I haven't gone off my rocker:

When my better half was about 8 years old, he had to have his tonsils out. His present when he woke up from the general anaesthetic was a Lego motorcycle.

Since he told me that story, any present that we buy each other after surgery or other nasty procedure (which thankfully doesn't happen very often!) is called 'Lego Motorcycle".

After my recent operation, I received a healthy stitching budget as a present, and this is what I ended up buying over the past weeks, as soon as I felt well enough to go back to go stash shopping, both online and in brick-and-mortar shops:

That's pretty cool, isn't it? Included in that pile are some random fabrics which I fancied, my fabrics for the new Button BOM by Lynette Anderson called Christmas Fun (see below) and also the materials for Spring Knotgarden by Chatelaine, for which Ineke signed me up.

And also something else that I will share with you at a later date, as soon as I figure it out for myself.

Here are said fabrics for Christmas Fun:

And this is the sneak preview of Christmas Fun which Lynette gave us a few weeks back. I cant't wait for this project to start. This is the project that follows her My Garden button BOM:

Now all I need is about 48 hours in each day to work on any of this!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

I Switched ... I think ...

I deserted Leanne's House for a little bit, in favour of block #2 of The Night Before Christmas.

At least, I think I switched to that project...

... The Ort Master doesn't appear to agree!

Not a very elegant picture of our beautiful boy, I haste to add.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Leanne's House 06: miniblock 4

About time I showed you pictures of actual stitching, after all those yummy stash pictures.

This is miniblock 4 of Leanne's House block 6. It took me forever to complete. Not having much actual patchwork experience - only about a year or so - it took me ages to piece this block.

I love the pretty stitcheries in this design. There are still a few more to stitch before I start choosing and cutting the other bits of fabric to complete block 6. In the picture you only see half the block. There is another page just as big as this one to do.

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Your blogs are all very inspiring.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stash, Glorious Stash

The past few days have been great for stash coming by post!

On Monday a parcel arrived from Australia with the background muslin for Stitched By Me by Lynette Anderson, and two buttons for a Christmas stitchery which my parents gave me for Christmas.

Stitched By Me by Lynette Anderson

On Tuesday postie brought part 2 of The Night Before Christmas by Bunny Hill Designs. A very cute block with three Christmas stockings and lots of details.

Later that day the doorbell rang and the parcel postie brought a parcel from my friend Michele

She found most of the fabrics which Lynette Anderson used for Stitched By Me in the version shown above (there is also a pale blue version with different fabrics). Michele was kind enough to share all the fabrics with me. Thank you so much, Michele!
Look how gorgeous they are.

Michele added a lovely extra surprise to my parcel, these very cute charms!

So now there is one more project calling my name and with Spring Knotgarden by Chatelaine and Christmas Fun by Lynette Anderson starting soon, I have my hands full!

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Leanne's House SAL

Last week and over the weekend, Ineke and I had a SAL for our sadly neglected Leanne's House projects. Check out Ineke's progress on her beautiful block 1!

Kruimel (aka the Ort Master) found it all very exhausting:

I worked on three stitcheries for block 6. There are more stitcheries in that block, but I'm a bit at a loss about sizes for one mini-block which are not very clear, in an otherwise very clear pattern.
Hopefully postie will bring my second block for Night Before Christmas today. Can't wait to work on that one!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sophie & The Mouse

May I present Sophie, block #2 of Henrietta Whiskers, the free BOM by Bunny Hill Designs.

I'm using a line of fabrics called Samsara by Bernartex exclusively, which makes these blocks quite difficult to plan, but it helps that all the fabrics work well together. A few bits of wool felt, a few threads of DMC, and some embellisments are all I'm using apart from the Samsara fabrics.

I forgot to show you my block #1 of Night Before Christmas, the new BOM by Bunny Hill Designs. A very cute mouse. Don't you just love his pyjamas!?

I have already received word that block #2 of this sweet project is on it's way to me. Yay!
In the mean time, Michele has been helping me find fabrics for Stitched By Me, a beautiful quilt by Lynette Anderson. Marcel gave me the pattern set with buttons for Christmas and I have been wanting to work on it since it arrived in the post. Last week I ordered the muslin background fabric for this project directly from Lynette's website.

But first I'm going to work on block #6 of Leanne's House, because Ineke and I are trying to do a SAL on that one, to give it some much needed TLC.
However, since the arrival of Ineke's new Chatelaine stash, I'm feeling rather alone here (just kidding, Ineke!)