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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sunny Days...

... is what I'm yearning for.

This is a mini-mini-block of Leanne's House block #1.

Yep, I started! And with great help from my Mum, who generously shared her stash (envelopes keep arriving in the post :o)) I was able to find all the bits and pieces for block 1. It hasn't been pieced yet, so you'll have to bear with me on that one.

Kruimel loves the cover of my sewing machine. Well, he loves all things stitching as you'll discover below.
His face is a bit worse for wear, after an 'encounter' with Elvis, our four-and-a-half year- old black tomcat whom you'll meet in my next posting.

Whilst Kruimel was hiding in there, I assembled the stitchery blocks and strips of fabric for block # 6 of Tail Feathers. That leaves 56 1" squares to piece. Now you know why I picked up Leanne's House block #1 ;o)

But with some help from my furry friend, I'm sure those little squares will get done in no time.

If you need the perfect excuse to buy more fabric, start Leanne's House!
This is what arrived in the post on Thursday. Some more gorgeous fat quarters to play with.
And since those Sunny Days have not yet arrived, I'll keep warm and dry and play with some more stitcheries. Perfect stitching weather, really :o)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Le Jardin Block #2 and Other Things

Here is block 2 of Le Jardin (Bunny Hill Designs) that I finished last night.

There were only five of those small leaves to do before I left for Scotland. You'd think I would get right back to it upon my return, but the second snowman in Snowbound (also by Bunny Hill) just called too loudly. Sorry for the creases. There are still a few tracing lines visible, which will fade on their own, but not if I iron them.

And as if postie knew that I finished this part last night, the materials for block # 3 arrived this afternoon. Yay! Aren't they pretty?

And to take advantage of the shipping cost from the USA (the fixed-rate envelope takes 7 yards of fabric ;o)) I just had to order a few other bits and pieces and Shabby Fabrics happened to have a sale going on.
Firstly, another Bunny Hill Designs *and* more snowmen: "Postcard Cuties for Winter"

secondly, another Bunny Hill Designs (you'd think I have a thing for them, wouldn't you? ;o)): Simply Hearts, another gorgeous design by Anne Sutton:

and last but not least, a few fabrics which caught my eye, with "From the Heart" in mind, another appliqué and stitchery pattern which I recently bought, by Daisies and Dragonflies from Australia:

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a very clear picture of this pattern availabe, so you'll just have to wait till I start it.
Hmmm, now, what's next? There is so much to choose from, between all the Chatelaine projects which I have on the go, and all these lovely appliqué/patchwork projects.
It may just have to be a new start: Leanne's House. Block 1 arrived recently and it is soooo gorgeous and fun to stitch!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Snowbound block #2: February 2010

Here is my snowman (or snowlady?) for block 2 of Snowbound by Bunny Hill Designs.

This project is proving to be so much fun to work on. I just couldn't put this project down last night and worked on it till the wee hours of the morning.
Thanks to my Mum for contributing the fabics for the hat's rim and the scarf :o)
Now we all have to wait till March 5th, when the pattern for block #3 will be released.
A big thank you for all your lovely comments and for being followers of my blog.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back Again

Sorry for having been quiet.

I'm literally 'back' again, after having enjoyed these wonderful views in Scotland:

view from my bedroom from one window:

view from my bedroom from the other window:

Poor me, eh? ;o)
Something else that has kept me from stitching is a rather huge translation assignment (which is good news in itself ;o)), but I do have some stitching to show:
The bird bath mini-block for block 6 of Tail Feathers Quilts, with some incomplete tails, eyes and beaks:

And the appliqué robin for block 7 of Tail Feathers Quilt:

Block 2 of Snowbound has been released and it was a lovely suprise. It is so different from block 1!
But you'll have to wait to see my version of it ;o)
Duty calls.