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Friday, 25 November 2011

QuiltAid 2011

I would like to draw your attention to QuiltAid 2011. This program runs in Europe, in Australia and in the USA, and is a worldwide project which supports a very special hospital in Ethiopia.
This is particulary close to my heart as I lived in Ethiopia for four years as a child.

If you can, please support this good cause with a block, or two, or twelve! It helps that the twelve designers came up with 12 very cute blocks and that the fabrics which are used, Ruby by Moda, are very cute too.

Watch this space, as soon as my kits start arriving, I'm sure I will not be able to resist starting these very cute blocks, which are a mix of piecing, applique and stitchery.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

WOW: Birds and Berries Block 1

It is Thursday already in Holland, so I'm too late for WOW, but I'm hoping to just make it to Esther's WOW before it closes.

As I was still struggling with colour choices for my first block of Berries and Bluebirds by Gail Pan, Kruimel decided to give me a helping paw. He has never before seen his mummy struggle for so long on one block!

After a bit of reshuffling, he came up with this:

Did I mention I love his paws?

Yesterday I *finally* managed to complete the first block. Please excuse the creases. I couldn't iron the block because the tracing hadn't quite vanished (for those who don't use magic tracing pens, the lines vanish by themselves but if you iron them, they are fixed forever).

Since Christmas will be upon us in less than six weeks, and after seeing Lynette Anderson's completed quilt, I pulled out my Christmas Fun project to see at what point it had got abandoned for something much more 'interesting' at that time. These are the WIPS of block 1 and 2, which still need quite a bit of work:

Thanks for all your lovely comments!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WOW: Berries and Bluebirds block 1: new layout

I can't believe a week has gone by and we are once again showing our works in progress for WOW: WIPs on Wednesdays

Nor can I believe that I'm still showing you block one of Berries and Bluebirds! But in a different layout now.

Luna says thank you for all the lovely comments.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Taking a break from my translation work, I found our little girl being her adorable self on her scratching castle.

I will be back tomorrow with a new layout for my first block of Berries & Bluebirds by Gail Pan, for WOW: WIPs on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

WOW: Lots of Birdies

Wednesday has only a few minutes more left in Holland, so just in time for WOW, Esther's Wips on Wednesdays.

My week was filled with birdies. Tail Feathers Quilt is coming along nicely and I completed block 9, assembled these two rows and took block 1 apart, because I was not happy with how it looked. It was the start of my patchwork, stitchery and quilting journey and that was quite obvious.

I was also naughty and starte a new project, Berries and Bluebirds by Gail Pan. The pattern for block 1 arrived and I just couldn't stop myself from starting it, not helped by Michele who showed her lovely block!