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Anne Marieke

Friday, 6 May 2011

Watercolour Sheep

The watercolour of the sheep at Borve (Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides) was more or less completed on Tuesday. It might still need a bit of tweaking on the right hand side to make the sheep stand out a bit better, but I have to have a think about that before I do anything that cannot be undone.

I had another day of painting tuition on Wednesday and had a lovely day. I continued painting a seascape which is not yet finished.

On the way back I picked Elvis up from my brother's veterinary clinic. We've been having some trouble with our boy, who has only now realised he is a tomcat (you get the idea....) at the age of nearly six.

Kruimel was in a very dreamy mood earlier today and I snapped this macro of his sweet face.

I promised you a picture of block 1 of In My Garden at the end of my last posting, but it is not yet entirely done. These blocks have the strange habit of involving more work than you would think, and since my painting mojo has come back to visit, I'm taking advantage of it!

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I still cannot see my followers on my blog (or anyone else's for that matter) so I'm hoping you are all still there.


Unknown said...

Het ziet er mooi uit, heerlijk lijkt me dat om zo bezig te zijn, de schapen daar zien er toch net iets anders uit dan hier.
Vorig jaar stonden alle rassen in de Country Living op een poster, leuk om te bekijken hoeveel verschil er tussen de rassen zit
En Kruimel was vast ergens diep over aan het peinzen.

Een fijn weekend,

Groetjes Yvon.

Ineke said...

Your sheep are beautiful!
Kruimel in a dreamy mood of making plans for something naughty? I do hope Elvis will realize he isn't a complete tomcat anymore for years.

Isabelle said...

Tes aquarelles sont magnifiques :-))
Une caresse à ton joli petit chat qui a l'air de rêver !

Quiltpassion.blogspot.com said...

Wat maak jij een mooie dingen, zeg! En die aquarellen. Ik heb er ook eens lessen in gevolgd (vele jaren geleden), maar zoals jij heb ik het nooit gekund.
Leuk, dat je op mijn engel reageerde, ik heb ook getwijfeld om hem naar 75% te laten verkleinen, maar ik wist niet of dat zou lukken bij de boekhandel. Misschien ga ik het alsnog doen, want ik blijf het een enorme lap vinden. Die ene engel , daar maak ik dan wel een quiltje van.
Ben benieuwd of je er gauw mee verder gaat, ik hou je in de gaten. Maar ook om naar je andere maaksels te kijken, hoor, die zijn zeker de moeite waard.
Groetjes, Cisca

Giovanna said...

You have so many talents, Anne Marieke - what a beautiful watercolour! And Kruilmel is always adorable.

Giovanna said...

.. argh! I mean Kruimel, of course! Sorry!

Joysze said...

We're all still here, Anne Marieke. How odd... I can see your Follower gadget just fine. :D

Your sheep painting it fabulous!! You're so talented. :D

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your sheep watercolour is just lovely. It's great to be able to do such beautiful work.

Glenda said...

A stunning water-colour. I never thought I’d want a painting of sheep after growing up with 1000’s of them on my dad’s farm in NZ?????? But this one I would love to have on my lounge wall. Cheers Glenda