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Anne Marieke

Friday, 5 March 2010

Last time I promised you to introduce you to Elvis. Well, I've been trying to take pictures of him all week, and this is the best I could come up with:

It doesn't help that Elvis is basically a sissy and that he is frightened of the camera ;o)

We adopted him from a shelter in September 2005. His approximate age was 12 weeks at the time (see my avatar to see how adorable he was).

His favourite hobbies are: sleeping, eating, catching frogs and ermm, well, you get the idea, and sunbathing. Not necessarily in that order.

He is also very good at playing fetch, but only when His Elvisness feels like it.

o o o

Now, where where we with Leanne's House? Oh, yes, I had finished the little stitchery. It worked by the way, because we're currently enjoying the third "Sunny Day" in a row :o)

My creative mojo wasn't working on this one, not even after a visit to the quilt store in Haarlem on Tuesday, when I bought lots of greens:

and a gorgeous burgundy fabric which I immediately used.

But it still wasn't quite right, so I visited a very tiny new quilt store nearby and I hit the jackpot. Honestly, I could have bought a fat quarter from each bolt of fabric that was there. I ended up buying 'only' 12 ;o)

The store owner very kindly offered me these freebees, which she had sneaked in between my purchases.

Cute eh?
And then I got back to work furiously and finished the top half of block #1 of Leanne's House in the early hours of this morning.

A big thank you to Ineke and my Mum, for generously sharing their stash and sending me lovely goodies in the post. Have a look and see if you can find your fabrics in there.
And no blog entry is complete without a piccie of my cheeky helper. This piccie isn't quite sharp, but doesn't he look naughty!? He seems to have rather taken to the orts & ends bowl ;o)

Gio, will that do for number of cat piccies? ;o)
Thanks for all your lovely comments.


Michele said...

Lots of wonderful goodies! I love all the fabrics!

It seems to me that Kruimel is now the "ort master". He looks totally in charge!

And Elvis looks so much like my first kitty, it is unbelievable!

Giovanna said...

Hehe, I can't ever get enough of cat pictures :-) Both of them are lovely and adorable. Lovely new fabrics!